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Molton Stoffe günstig bei kaufen

Molton Stoffe günstig bei kaufen

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Blue and White Cotton Print Bedgown, I've been meaning to make a bedgown for quite some time, for use at workshops and info.

reproduction printed short gown, 1780-1790

Reproduction Cotton Print Shortgown from the collection of the Chester County Historical Society, The pattern: This sho.

18th century womens jacket:

I made this jacket a year ago, as my first real attempt at historical clothing. I have tried it a bit previously but never bothered to read up on historical techniques and silhouettes so the result…

Tissus-18e_-18th-fabrics.jpg (1371×1975)

The big stylized patterns from the beginning of century tend to disappear for big spaces lefts without designs & they are finally replaced by stripes & small flowers. Colours are light and rich, dark colours are rare to be found