Johanna Escher-Schenkschuck

Johanna Escher-Schenkschuck

Joar. . .wieso soll man was über sich schreiben? Einfach fragen wenn was unklar is xD
Johanna Escher-Schenkschuck
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Banette is a Ghost type Pokémon introduced in Generation It is known as the Marionette Pokémon.

____ Lives Matter Rick and Morty

Either all life is an accident(and therefore has no meaning), or we all exist as part of a grand design that we can't really affect. Either way, NO LIVES MATTER!

Life is A Ride

But it’s not boring.” —- Stanchez Appreciation Week Day Domestic Life Family Game night with the Grunkles and Grandkids. (Ford is taking the pic I guess lmao)