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beauty lies beneath the years - a face can fill a book people and white portrait photography photography people

Instead of a cat, other images can be woven in strips on a page. Great for journaling

Creative Doodles That Don’t Stay Within The Lines

Funny pictures about Lined Paper Art. Oh, and cool pics about Lined Paper Art. Also, Lined Paper Art photos.


Diego Epstein – Barbie in the rain

Art-Spire, Source d’inspiration artistique / Diego Epstein – Barbie in the rain

Black & White Photography - Shadows - "Kimdi" ("who?"), by Giden Sevgili Ardindan (year unknown). Pretty viral on…

shadow | ghost ascending the stairs | brilliant black & white photography | afterlife | trick photography | ghosts |

(via An Exquisite Paradox)

Man-made: This photo uses hard lighting to trick the viewer into seeing a ghost (shadow) ascending the stairs.


Rain makes emotions stronger. That statement is so very true. In the rain I feel most because the storm on the outside matches the storm on the inside.

Verlassene Orte... es ist als hätte dort alles passieren können, was nur unsere dunkelste Fantasie uns offenbaren könnte. Das ist es, was ihren Reiz ausmacht. Der kalte Schauer, der uns den Rücken hinunterläuft. Häuser sind langweilig. Verlassene Häuser sind magisch.

fortress by Sven Fennema - Early on a foggy morning we visited this abandoned military fortress in Belgium.

Would be a really cool art lesson. Creating and defining forms using lines                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

By placing lines at various distances from one another, the image gets more structure and gives the illusion of a body. A variation in width gives more dimension to the image and illustrates a sense of realism.

Look upon me, have pity on me, for I am alone and afflicted. Relieve the troubles of my heart; bring me out of my distress. Look upon my affliction and suffering; take away all my sins. -Psalm 25:16-18(NABRE)

the story in his eyes and face tells it's own story. Wild or Sad by Aidan Photograffeuse on

when people just won't listen to common sense - you have to get out your spray can.....

Street art is for all ages. Please, try to look beyond her age. Sometimes people get a kick out of the elderly doing things the young folks do- '' Oh, how cute. ''I wish our culture would not be so hung up on youth and beauty, but that is just how it is