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neimans ballerina by Inslee Haynes <, watercolor


Notes On: Getting Extension… to the side…

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if it rains on your paradise, dance in it


Nature drawings // Pen & Ink Depictions of Trees Sprouting into Animals by…


Dorothée Gilbert stars in the Spring/Summer 2012 Repetto campaign. Gilbert (French, born dances with Paris Opera Ballet. Repetto was created in 1947 by Rose Repetto at the request of her son, famed dancer Roland Petit. Gilbert is photographed.

Mia Diaz

I am going to try to draw these some day!

Ballet (Jesse Scales) - Photography Ballet / Inspiration ♥ #ballet #dance

Cupcakes & Conversation with Jesse Scales

Ballet (Jesse Scales) - Photography Ballet / Inspiration ♥ www.


Scorpion and needle stretches. I should get one of those they seam like they help Más


ballet truth I don't need to have a real boyfriend to be happy i can have dance as my boyfriend and also be EXTREMELY HAPPY they won't judge me or get mad at me. My boyfriend is perfect. I love you dance!


ORIGINAL pencil drawing 12 x 8 on CREAM paper of BALLERINA by Ewa Gawlik

Sketch of Ballerina.

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Split stretches for home

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Ballet pose study (plus one random hand that looked kinda nice so it got stuck up there in the corner) Feel free to use for pose references if you wish, I just did an image search for “ballet poses”.

Original abstrakte Malerei Acryl  ein paar mit von ArtonlineGallery

Original Abstract Painting Acrylic - A Couple With Umbrella - Forest Rain Landscape - Colorful Abstract Palette Knife - Ready To Hang by ArtonlineGallery on Etsy

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Unique And Utterly Captivating Umbrella Art To Drizzle You With Joy

Pencil Study These drawings are part of the 365 day challenge. In an effort to spark creativity, Ive decided to join fellow etsy creators

Red squirrels playing on a branch - Écureuils roux qui jouent sur une branche

Red squirrels playing on a branch - Écureuils roux qui jouent sur une branche