Learning the ABCs this summer? Simple and cheap activity!

Matching Alphabet Beans Literacy Game

Alphabet Beans matching game literacy activity Make an alphabet beans literacy game and an ongoing resource to use in lots of activities together!

Super Idee! Buchstaben lernen. Mehr Idee für Kinder unter www.hallobloggi.de

Had when i worked in a preschool and kids love them! I would use colored sand instead of white salt. DIY salt tray with alphabet cards. Easy to make and kids have fun smoothing out the salt after correctly making the letter

Schokolinsen mit dem Strohhalm in Becher sammeln

Party Games (m-n-m's OR skittles) straws and cups) take the straws and breathe/suck in and see you wins for most Simple easy and cheap go to dollars store for all items

Das schmeckt sicher nicht nur kleinen Amerikanern

Practical Nutrition: Patriotic fruit skewers for Fourth of July - Richmond Times-Dispatch: Practical Nutrition Advice With Mary Jo Sawyer

Obst-Raketen als gesunder Snack.

Easy fruit rockets - great party food for Bonfire night, New Year's Eve and other celebrations or a fun and healthy snack idea for kids - Eats Amazing UK

Kind Übungen

Make board activities for smaller kids, store in something like hanging folder or vertical shelf or pin to a wall or .

BuxSen: Astronaut // Karnevals Kostüm Sew Along // Finale

BuxSen: Astronaut // Karnevals Kostüm Sew Along // Finale (Halloween Basteln)