There’s something about looking at string lights that is very soothing and relaxing. Maybe it’s because of the low, twinkly light, maybe it’s because they give off an aura of coziness, or maybe it’s b(Diy Pillows Bed)

Pallet stage for little girl's room.- the stage that I was always promised ;)

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I would have a big pillow as a seat area instead of stage. That way it would be a reading nook instead and have the pillow removable for the stage at other times. Pallet stage for little girl's room.- the stage that I was always promised ;

Two tall bookshelves on their sides make benches with built-in storage underneath. Would be great!

Top 10 Inspirational DIY Toy Storage Ideas

two tall skinny bookcases on their sides with fabric bins and custom cushions”. Great for a playroom and seating in an attic room. two tall skinny bookcases on…

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EINEN KRANZ Like the wicker type ring. Also have thought of wrapping styrofoam ring with fabric

diy little girls room | DIY Indoor Window Boxes for little girl's room | Oh BABY!

INDOOR window box for girls room, too cute.purchase a simple plastic window flower box. Cover the front, bottom and side with fabric (a hot glue gun ). Colour choices, flowers etc are yours. My little girl would love this

Gemütliche Leseecke für's Kinderzimmer

10 creative reading nooks for kids

11 Creative Reading Nooks for Kids - some really cute ideas. I love the idea of having a reading/prayer nook somewhere in the house.for kids and adults alike

Bild 9: Tolle selbstgemachte Schaukel für Kuscheltiere

branch swing shelves, crafts, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas, I love outdoor projects so these branch swings were a perfect fit for my little one s woodland themed nursery

19 spielerische DIY Zelte für Kinder - #Kinderzimmer

19 spielerische DIY Zelte für Kinder - #Kinderzimmer

This illuminated ledge would be fantastic in the new basement.

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