KUNSTdotpainting lievelingsdier

Art: Dotpaint your favorite Pet, with Qtips or the back of a pencil with eraser. Little kids can use a piece of a winecork

DIY: Bat Decor -- free pattern. Halloween Bat & Boo Ball Theme Party Decorations & Ideas

Spiders & Bats Oh My! Dress Up Your Front Door With This Simple DIY

You won't need a magic potion to conjure up this fun Halloween scene! This spiders & bats invasion is easy to put together and is the perfect front door decor!

Cursive Name Bugs | tinyartroom

Cursive Name Bugs

Third graders will be starting to hone their cursive writing technique next week in art class. The kids are always so excited about learning to write cursive. Last year I tried a cursive writing pr.

Geisterstunde - Gruselbild mit Pastellkreiden - Startpunkt DE

Geisterstunde - Gruselbild mit Pastellkreiden - Startpunkt DE

Itten Farbkreis (Color Circle), 1961

color wheel is a good tool to load the eyeshadow. Warm colors like yellow, red and orange highlights the cool colors. Colors like blue, purple and green highlights warm colors.