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12 Christmas Cork Crafts - Getting Festive

Cork gift tag - eye screw at the top, painted face, FIMO clay nose. Can picture a cute Rudolph too. ~ cute touch for Christmas gift tags or Christmas hostess wine gift ~ diy ~ wine cork craft

Raclette - Flammkuchen 6

Raclette - Flammkuchen

Raclette - Flammkuchen 6 Also there is a video that is linked to the perfect raclette

Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament by TheCorkForest on Etsy

Leisurely grazing in the forest are these lovely antlered ruminants each beautifully decorated with a prominent set of antlers, sparkling tines and

25 Raclette Rezepte: Kleine Pfännchen, ganz groß!   - Wunderweib

25 Raclette Rezepte: Kleine Pfännchen, ganz groß!

Gastgeschenke zur Silvesterparty "Piccolo-Flaschenanhänger" - Lieblingskarten

Gastgeschenke zur Silvesterparty "Piccolo-Flaschenanhänger" - Lieblingskarten

Vegetarische Blätterteigschnecken

Fingerfood für Silvester

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