29 Pins
a woman is sitting on the floor playing with an old record player and other items
The Classy Issue
a person with a tattoo on their arm sitting next to a record player
The Classy Issue
#vinyl #rules
a record player clock mounted to the side of a white wall with an orange disk on it
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two washing machines are sitting outside on the deck in front of a wooden fence and tree
CUSTOM PAINTED DJ BOOTH! By ; DEMS & DOLL Honest Lawyer- Ottawa, Canada
jesus holding a red cup in his right hand with the caption, i'll they just coffee cups guys?
Spirit in the Sky!
a cartoon character playing music on a turntable with headphones in his ears and wearing sunglasses
turntable dj schroeder peanuts
an old school logo is shown on a blackboard with the words old school written in white
Old old school DJ
a manhole cover with the words underground - musk written in white on it
a turntable with an orange disk on it and other items around it in gold
Vinyles Passion
vinyl love. #dj #djculture #turntable #records #vinyl
someones music is the only thing that gets your mind off of everything elsee
Sometimes music is the only thing that gets your mind off of everything else!
a black and white photo of a hard drive with a disk attached to the side
Vinyles Passion
Cassette turntable? #djculture #records #turntable
a sign that reads, good di's aren't cheap cheap cheap di's aren't good respect the culture
Respect the Culture~