Sally was fastidious in taking her shirt off when she tucked into spaghetti, particularly if it was accompanied by a rich sauce; she consequently received many invitations from friends and acquaintances when pasta was on the menu.

The sun claims the morning while bathing her sleeping form in possessive light. I would no more tell the sun to leave her, than I would to tell the night to not fall on the day.


Welcome to the dream world of a happily married couple, where we share our passion for exotic.

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Victoria for OPA - Damon Loble 2016 IG damonloble & vivicoxy

Køltzow Identity on Behance

When seafood & fine meats company Køltzow (est. needed a new identity, it felt like a natural choice to photograph some of their beautiful products and experienced employees. Also, the new symbol reflects the origins of the products; the K of Køltzo…

The Vimeo Blog — Sometimes a fully conceptual music video just...

Sometimes a fully conceptual music video just works. Charlie Tyrell has made one such video for Harrison’s “Akira,” and as a bonus it.

Editorial #4 : Coco par Nicolas Santos Simoes - Beware Magazine

Editorial : Coco Par Nicolas Santos Simoes - Beware Magazine, curated by beware on Buamai.

Flickr: twinzen_artcore's Photostream

Flickr: twinzen_artcore's Photostream