Erzsebet Bathory

Erzsebet Bathory

Erzsebet Bathory
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Zorgh (bass/vocals for Darkspace) Official Site Darkspace on MySpace Really unique black metal for those not faint of heart. Atmospheric with sudden brutal blastbeats, Darkspace makes music that deals with the nothingness of space. Darkness finely captured as art, but one must truly be in the right frame of mind or otherwise it can be downright disturbing.

Zorgh, a vocalist for ambient/atmospheric black metal band Darkspace

Model & photo: Beatriz Mariano Photography Welcome to Gothic and Amazing |

Confused On What To Wear? If you don't have any gothic fashion sense, this article is for you. There is absolutely no reason for you to look like a gothic fashion disaster.

Here are 73 killer Halloween makeup ideas that require just your cosmetic stash and a little patience.

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