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three drawings of men walking with canes and hats on top of paper next to colored crayons
Looking for the perfect grandpa
Character study
a drawing of a person sitting on the ground next to crayons
Cozy morning sketch ❄️
Quick sketch with soft pastels and artgraf #sketch #sketchbook #sketchbookdrawing #sketchoftheday #softpastels #morningroutine #morning #cozy #winteriscoming
Sketching faces
Difficulty: Easy When you don’t know what to draw, sketch faces! The best exercise to practice drawing facial expressions Art materials: • Gouache • Colouring pencils • Pastel pencils
a drawing of a young boy with an electric wire attached to his head and hair flying through the air
Creating a character from a watercolour stain
Difficulty: Medium How to draw a character starting with a stain of watercolour paint. Art supplies: • Watercolour paints • Water soluble pencil
an open notebook with drawings of people on it and a pencil next to it, sitting on a wooden table