– The Goldrush Project – Le graphiste slovène Črtomir Just s’est intéressé à l’esthétique de l’or à travers des représentations d’objets en 3D.

The Goldrush Project

Slovenian based graphic designer and artist Crtomir just made a fanciful series called GoldRush

Lavanya Naidoo paper typography

Lavanya Naidoo's Handcrafted Flora Typography Created Out of Paper

3D Isometric Shape Creator - Actions Photoshop

3D Isometric Shape Creator

Buy Isometric Shape Creator by Roncq on GraphicRiver. Isometric Shape Creator This action renders your shape or object in isometric view. The Voxel output of th.

Typography 3D

32 Absolutely Inspiring Examples of Typography

great typography designs out there and we have collected some of the best among them. We are presenting 32 Absolutely Inspiring Examples of Typography.

3D Artwork with Very Detailed Textures - Basé à New-York, David McLeod est un artiste très talentueux lorsqu’il s’agit de rendus 3D. Typographie métallique, en fourrure ou en bois, ses créations arborent des textures ultra-détaillées et une précision époustouflante. Une sélection variée de son travail est à découvrir dans la galerie.

3D Artwork with Very Detailed Textures

Amfursands designed by David McLeod. See our list of More New killer custom fonts here: www.

Layered Cut Paper Sculptures Inspired by Nature  I like how the layered quality of this object allows the creation to emerge, in regard to both presence and physical structure. This is something that we should aim for in our designs, since the concept of 3-D designs is something that we want to incorporate into next year's yearbook.

Layered Cut Paper Sculptures Inspired by Nature

Hand-Cut Paper Microorganisms by Charles Clary See many more of these beautifully layered paper sculptures loved by Art Ed Central

GOOD DESIGN. The main word is visible and dark. The use of vectors goes with the attitude of the poster and the city (as the author sees it).

Mike McQuade

Herb LesterCover and map design of Berlin for Herb Lester Associates, buy a…

Hell Yeah! © Marc Urtasun                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

"Hell yeah" Lettering for intern contest at Orchid Création. Posters available for buying soon.