This year for our spring choir we r doing the 80's and I would love to wear this considering my choices.

The 80's Halloween Costume for Teen Girls and Women

I Love The Fancy Dress Costume for Ladies - pink hair bow, neon earrings, off-the-shoulder T-shirt, plain black leggings, neon pink leg warmers and hi-top trainers.

This dress made it into TWO episodes. The one where Jessie ruins her father's wedding and the murder mystery dinner.

The Ultimate Guide To "Saved By The Bell" Fashion

believe it or not, this was my FAVORITE dress worn by Lisa -- hahahahahahaaaa

Fun 80's party fashion. Find everything you need to plan your own 80s party at

Vans Unisex Authentic Skate Shoe

These bright colourful skirts were very popular among teenaged girls. Wether it was a party or at school girls wore this skirt.

How to Cut a Sweatshirt for an '80s Style (with Pictures) | eHow

How to Cut a Sweatshirt for an '80s Style

If you're going for an look, be it for a costume party or just as a throwback to a different era, cutting a sweatshirt is one of the easiest ways.

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