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Inspiring image beautiful, eyes, wallpaper, fondo de pantalla by loren@ - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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The art of Julliane Nova From top to bottom: Oversaturation Dying Freedom Inside The Tale of Igor`s Campaign The Plague Heart Outside Mistique Artworks

Flavio Melchiorre Renders Engaging and Psychedelic Graphics #psychedelicart

Hypnotic LSD Illustrations

Hypnotic LSD Illustrations - Flavio Melchiorre Renders Engaging and Psychedelic Graphics (GALLERY)

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Find a path thru the stars, and land on the moon. Create your dreams any which way you can.




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It would be mind blowingly incredible and tbh frustrating if i met someone as deep and out there as i am

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This is a very vivid depiction of the initial onset of a 500 mcg. trip on genuine lsd. /// similar to when I had a fizzy drink on acid tbh

James Jean, Psychedelic Art Gallery

James Jean, Psychedelic Art Gallery

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getting high with some fucking imaginary drugs, that's what's up mtha fka