'Agents of SHIELD': Season finale art teases 'beginning of the end' | Inside TV | EW.com

'Agents of SHIELD': Season finale poster art teases 'beginning of the end' -- EXCLUSIVE

Phantom City Creative brings us the final limited-edition poster in the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: series. This piece spotlights.

Yes to all but modify part 4 a little bit. Plus, Simmons must be protected, and Fitz must be only to keep Simmons from emotional damage.

Things that the Agents of SHIELD fandom agrees on Revised Version (A. I took all the bad words out of it

Literally JUST finished the first season in aof. But now I'm dying because i need season two!

Every single clue hidden inside the Agents of SHIELD trailer

Agents of SHIELD (WIP by ChaosNDisaster)

Agent J on

Agents of SHIELD (WIP by ChaosNDisaster). This is only a Work-in-Progress, people, and it already awesome!

‘Agents of SHIELD’ gag reel: It takes a few takes to save the world | EW.com

'Agents of SHIELD' gag reel: It takes a few takes to save the world

Clark Gregg (coulson) in the Agents of SHIELD blooper gag real! So funny!