Matthew Daddario. Oh my fucking gosh look at him
This is how I have always pictured Will..except he doesn't have blue eyes!
Shadowhunters S01E13 - Morning Star - Without words
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Only in the later books is he the first one. He was always secretly the second one. And the last one had been a given this entire series.
(FC Matthew Daddario) (Used on previous board) Julian Winters is the son of Osiris, Egyptian God of the Underworld. He can be pretty chilled, melodramatic and loves to team up with Darius to prank the newbies in the camp. Pure and resides in Camp Halfblood. Was also part of the war, fighting against Loki with the other demigods. He can raise the dead (use souls to attack people) and he can also shapeshift among other things. No doubt you'll see him around camp.
Alec Lightwood | Freeform
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Rex Bets: zwilling mit esme, sohn von eibe und luiz, halbbruder von jama und adele, befreundet mit max, benjanin, jason sieht ihn als gefahr, er denkt, rex will max
Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood