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Creative Ways to Decorate with Air Plants

It's Tillandsia. Creative ways to decorate with air plants. A wonderful collection of tutorials curated by Decorating Your Small Space.

Alpenveilchen violett

Alpenveilchen violett

DAS Wundermittel für Pflanzen.

Dieser Mann macht Wasser in eine Windel.

Shutters ~ Roses

Flowers are indispensable elements of a garden. These flowers generally have a bigger lifespan that could extend to a number of years. This flower has ever stood for egotism, however, the narcissus…

Bluestar, as you might guess, is a perfect pick for blue flowers. A great plant you've probably never heard of, bluestar deserves a lot more attention in the garden:

Best Blue Flowers for Your Garden

Amsonia A tough, but sadly underused perennial, amsonia produces clusters of sky-blue flowers in late spring. Its not just a one-season wonder, though. In autumn, its foliage turns brilliant shades of gold — enough to rival many of the trees when they put

All sizes | ANDROSACE ALPINA (Androsace dei ghiacciai. Alpen-Mannsschild. Androsace des Alpes. Alpski oklep).Primulaceae via Flickr.

Would like to have a small rock garden somewhere in the yard (perhaps in the area of the swing since I'd like to have most of that area covered with small and medium-sized rocks)

Agave Ferdinand Regis

When I first met JJ , and we were comparing notes on our Agave collections, she was adamant that I must visit the Ruth Bancroft Garden.