Anglo-Arabian showjumping stallion, Efekt. The cross of thoroughbred to Arabian, it now has the status as a distinct breed. Different mixes can be registered - an Arabian bred to a thoroughbred, Arabian to Anglo-Arabian, thoroughbred to Anglo-Arabian, Anglo-Arabian to Anglo-Arabian. This means a registered horse may be more Arabian than thoroughbred or vice versa - leading to variable physical types. The breed is popular in France, the UK, US, and Poland. The best make excellent eventers.

Ari, Age: 2 years old in human) Mate: None Personality: Bold, Debonair, A true gentleman and a good man in the storm. Backstory: Came from Selket's kingdom in search of refuge and of Selket.

Dapple grey Anglo-Arab....... Could be a replica of White Lightning.

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I will always have a love for horses.... For they are just like a loyal dog... A girls best friend.... -shy

I will always have a love for horses. For they are just like a loyal dog. A girls best friend.

The Sardinian, Sardinian Anglo-Arab, Italian: Anglo-Arabo Sardo or AAS, is a horse breed that was established in Sardinia, originating from the crossing of Thoroughbred with Sardinian horses carrying Arabian blood. Its origins in Italy trace to Sardinia, where it has been selectively bred for more than one hundred years.

Sardinian, established in Sardinia, Italy, originating from the crossing of Thoroughbred with Sardinian horses carrying Arabian blood.

#transformer PAPO Arabian Horse / Anglo Arab Mare

#transformer PAPO Arabian Horse / Anglo Arab Mare

black anglo arab stallion

black anglo arab stallion

Anglo Arab Horse. Apart from the classical cross Arabian x Thoroughbred, it can also be a cross between either an Anglo-Arab and a Thoroughbred or, alternatively, an Anglo-Arab and an Arabian. Another permitted cross is between two Anglo-Arabians. No matter the cross, a horse must have a minimum 12.5% of Arabian blood to be considered an Anglo-Arabian.

The Anglo Arab Horse Breed is a more substantial horse than the pure bred Arabian and is a mix of Arabian and Thoroughbred that produces a true sport…

Anglo-arab - pretty pretty!

"My Rugged Destiny," the first Rugged Lark foal registered, inspected and branded by the American Warmblood Registry.

Anglo-Arab - in the apple blossom - those were heavenly days, in the orchards with Paris.

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2007 Anglo Arab mare

Trade Windz+++/Stunning and tall black mare, born March Sired by imported FEI dressage Anglo Arabian Baladin d’Oc (deceased). Registered Anglo-Arabian and Selle Francais. "Tiny" has fabulous lofty movement and a quiet demeanor.

#transformer PAPO Arabian colt / Anglo Arab Foal

#transformer PAPO Arabian colt / Anglo Arab Foal

The Tre Balzane stud farm is located directly adjacent to the medieval town of Castel Ritaldi in Umbria, where there is not just the best olive oil, good wine and other Italian delicacies to be found. Here, at the foot of Monte Martano, Anglo-Arabs were bred since 1987 and pure Arabs since 1988. From 1992 [...]

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