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Anime rules - butterflies bring doom unless lands on main protagonist

In Naruto there aren't rules. Kakashi can Put chakra into his feed and so he is able to walk on trees, walls... water... that are Ninjas!

Law Of Anime And nor do the normal characteristics of gender! This is a place where u can easily get mistaken for thinking s boy to be a girl or vice versa. Welcome to Åñïmê and I hope ull enjoy ur stay~ cuz u ain't ever going back

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and the cutter shall die a horrible awful death in revenge of the innocent hair

Anime Rule

Laws of Inverse Accuracy-The accuracy of a "Good Guy" when operating any form of firearm increases as the difficulty of the shot increases.

Actually,Sanji from One Piece once almost died from a nosebleed...

omg, so true *nosebleed* xDDDD lol i pity that dress more only because of this anime rule XD

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Anime Rule I find it ironic that the picture is of black cat who didn't really start as a good guy per say

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The Rule of Anime (1-50)