In Case of Revolution Anonymous Mask Shadow Box

In Case of Revolution Anonymous Mask Shadow Box

In Case of Revolution Anonymous Mask Shadow Box Quality, handcrafted Guy Fawkes (V for Vendetta/Anonymous) shadow box Front of the box reads: In Case Of

MAN IN anonymous mask in business suit | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A shot of a man dressed in a suit wearing an anonymous mask shot in dark moody film noir low key studio lighting. a mysterious anti corporate business hacker type or a protester to save the world with new ideas?

Cool 11 Anonymous Masks Wallpapers

Cool 11 Anonymous Masks Wallpapers

V for Vendetta

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Hello :-) La forme ? En ce moment, il y a pas mal de choses qui bougent (crise, Europe, Grèce…), de mouvements spontannés (Occupy Wallstreet ou encore Occupy Defense ces derniers jours…) et  …

Fabriquez votre masque « ANONYMOUS »

Make your own V for Vendetta / Anonymous Papercraft Mask. Found in response to Low-Poly V Mask on Thingiverse, submitted by Xaq R., in response to Bahrain’s banning of the mask.

A mask modelled after the tech group "Anonymous". I must conceal my indenting if I will ever find someone to help me to put an end to the circle. “The devices knew who you were, and your one identity - the TruYou, unbendable and unmaskable - was the person paying, signing up, responding, viewing and reviewing, seeing and being seen.” Page 21 Eggers,  OTR

I think All hackers should unite in a common cause.expose pedophiles and take down enslavement.will cause a huge domino effect of destroyed assholes.

Very sad,but true statement. the mask is also called the internet where we tell our "truth" and don't feel the consequences but wonder why people distrust each other ( because your hiding behind the mask).


"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth"-Oscar Wilde