So it begins -- Stephen Amell #MemeMonday.... Sometimes I feel like Felicity should

she'd most likely leave a bruise or touch his arrows then leave a scar though.funny thought though

we get it oliver... just shut up and start working out again, lol

15 Jokes That Only True Fans Of Arrow Will Understand

this is exactly wwhat i say eery thim i watch the show tv: my name is oliver queen me: i fucking know you tell me this every fucking time!

SAVANNAHHH! (first the SAVANNAHHH was not me but I love it because that's my name second OMG how did they know!!!)

You can't like just one arrowverse dc show without watching them all. Maybe Supergirl you can get away with, but the other three are too interconnected. Half the characters migrate back and forth between shows and everything influences everything else.

He did guess who the Arrow was when he actually wanted to know. Now he doesn't. Plus there was the lie director test . . .

He did guess who the Arrow was when he actually wanted to know. Plus there was the lie director test, and Dig pretending to be the Arrow to clear Oliver

"My coffee shop's in a bad neighborhood,"

Arrow logic

Vertigo Revealed as Arrow Season Main Villain! - The CW superhero series plans on reinventing this DC Comics villain, to the point where he may have an entirely new name.

Arrow meme it's basically like this with every single arrow character!

Malcolm Merlyn

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