Auto Union Type C and its massive supercharged V16 engine. - the precursor to Audi and, in 1936, already recorded a top speed of 211mph, rivalling many of today's super cars.

Auto Union Type C hillclimb, CMC, scale, by Jeff MacDougall

1938 Auto Union Type D | Grand Prix Racing Car | 3.0L V12 478hp | Top Speed 340 kph 211 mph Auto Union Grand Prix Racing Car | 1933 - 1939 | The race cars were developed and built by the r Racing Department of Auto Union’s Horch Works in Zwickau,...

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Ferdinand Porsche and Hans Stuck at Masaryk Grand Prix in city of Brno, Czchoslovakia in 1934 with the 1934 Auto Union Grand Prix racing cars Type A - In 1932 Auto Union Gmbh was formed, comprising struggling auto manufacturers Audi, DKW, Horch and Wander

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1937 #AutoUnion #audi Typ C Stromlinie poster #AudiHuntValley

"It's hard to imagine the passion and excitement about technical progress and speed that existed in this era." KB 1937 Auto Union Typ C Stromlinie poster

Auto Union type B 1935 Italian GP Monza , Auto Union, Aquarel - Automotive art

Sports Paintings - Auto Union B type 1935 Italian GP Monza B Rosermeyer by Yuriy Shevchuk

1936 Auto Union Type C

The Audi R8 V10 Plus

1936 Auto Union Type C - The Original Silver Arrows car

Models shown: 1907 HORCH 26/65 PS / 1924 TYPE M / 1936 AUTO UNION C-TYPE / 1937 AUTO UNION TYPE C STREAMLINER / 1938 AUTO UNION D-TYPE / 1956 DKW MONZA / 1968 100 / 1969 F103 / 1980 QUATTRO / 1985 SPO

Auto Icon Screen Print Series: Audi

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///KarzNshit///: '54 Auto-Union Monza DKW "3=6"

The DKW Monza was a sports car built on a Auto Union DKW base. Named after the world-famous Italian Grand Prix circuit.