Baboon. What a funny looking thing :)

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The mandrill is found in Nigeria, southern Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Congo. Its distribution is bounded by the Sanaga River to the north and the Ogooué and White Rivers to the east.

Mandrill by Berendje Photography1; I hope this was taken with a telescopic lens...whew

Mandrill by Berendje - I hope this was taken with a telescopic lens.whew - and those teeth would look awesome bleached.

Mandrill Baboon. Google Image Result for

Facts about Baboon for kids. Baboons are the Arabian and African monkeys of the old world that belong to genus Papio of sub family Cercopithecinae.

The Son of The Boss by Willem Verboom

(via / The Son of The Boss by Willem Verboom) Mandrill found on llbwwb…

Mzima - Haunt Of The Riverhorse | more about tale of the tides between the lamu archipelago and somalia ...

Tale of the Tides - Deeble and Stone Natural History Films - Between the Lamu archipelago and Somalia is the wildest shore in East Africa - where baboons and hyaenas come to hunt crabs on the beach -named aardwolf elsewhere, or a hyena?

Aspecto general del mandril

Mandrill, Mandrillus Sphinx, 22 Years Old Royalty Free Stock Images - Image: 27269389

Two Javan Langurs are seen at the Singapore Zoo on Oct. 2, 2014.

Javan langur, is an Old World monkey from the Colobinae subfamily. Wow lovely monkey his breakfast is a banana.