1st 5 yrs chart ~ what's normal:  http://www.docstoc.com/docs/66492507/Child-Development-Chart-First-5-Years

Child Development Chart - The First Five Years - A month to month chart outlining expected development of children's Social, Self-Help, Gross-Motor, Fine-Motor, and Language skills from Birth - 5 Years

Social and Emotional Development: Skills to Expect at Different Ages - Understood

Social and Emotional Skills: What to Expect at Different Ages

HOW THE WORLD AFFECTS YOUR BABY: Language is one of the key factors in a child's development. Without access to language (like a Deaf baby unable to hear or hear well his Hearing parents' spoken language) the brain and cognition can literally be damaged and potentially damaged permanently if an accessible language -like ASL- is provided. Culture or not, this is your child's brain.

Foundations of Child Development - Positive and negative effects on Brain Development including; 1 ) Relationships Environment and Nutrition

Sign language See our amazing American Sign Language Fonts at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/American-Sign-Language-Style-Font-Family-531193

Baby Sign Language - Quick Reference Guide, yes I will be doing baby signs I can't help it it's the SLP in me.

Baby's First Year Developments

37 Big Milestones Baby Will Hit in the First Year

Baby's First Year Infographic – Wondering how quickly baby’s senses and motor skills develop in his first twelve months? We teamed up with The Bump to clue you into what baby’s up to.

Emotional Development | Child Development Educational School Posters

From our Child Development poster range, the Emotional Development Poster is a great educational resource that helps improve understanding and reinforce learning.

There Grows my Baby - Milestone Guide - Cool infographic of child's development during the first year. #infographic via @Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines #baby #child

& Grows my Baby& Milestone Guide - Cool infographic of child& development during the first year.