Bathing Beauties 1924

Bathing Beauties 1924 Found a picture just like this at a antique shop and thought it would looks so cute in a bathroom! -Thsi photo is a pano of some people at the beach in 1924

1950's bathing suits | I'd definitely feel more comfortable/confident in one of these! :) ;)

vintage swim suits Funny this used to be beach wear, I'm pretty sure I saw some of these as actual clothes this summer. Times sure have changed.

Mack Sennett girls : Phyllis Haver Marie Prevost

Le Vintage à la Plage - Partie 1

Vintage snapshot of a 1920s family in the surf, with the man holding a period box camera

Vintage snapshot of a family in the surf, with the man holding a period box camera

Jeder ist etwas ganz Besonderes!

Period swim and beach wear, ca. [[MORE]] “Shows groups of people in and modelling swim and beach wear from Victorian and Edwardian eras with one model in a contemporary

vintagegal:    Actress Lila Lee circa 1920

- vintage photograph of a very pretty young woman at the beach in her late-Victorian/turn-of-the-century style bathing suit. i LOVE her amazing Art-Nouveau patterned parasol.

Miss France ° 1920's

Miss France, a contest at the first Miss World competition, which was held in Galveston, TX during the Vintage Swimsuits

Wouldn't it be great to spend all of summer in these outfits?

bathing beauties// Q: Why did the faces of women change so much since then? Ever notice that? More integration between various races/nationalities as time went by? I notice this more in the caucasian photos.