Omg it is so true one of the refs I had started the game when we were still talking as a team and they went to score but our goalie ran her butt off and saved it. At the end the score was 4-0

There is one ref who hates our team. he gave Michael an "automatic foul" does he not know the game? What the heck is an automatic foul? <- this person is awesome 😂 but make it for volleyball 😂😉

i never get passed the ball even when i have the perfect shot do my teamates hate me or something

Ok so there is this boy on my soccer team and he NEVER passes the ball so we call him the ball hog lol

I do play, but only cause I'm forced to by my parents!!! @Denise H. H. Strickland

Basketball Problems- and I& just like: & you don& see any basketball player make every shot. I just choose to miss them of the court instead of in the game.

basketball problems=D

Basketball Girl Problems- Our school team was way better than the boys team, yet nobody ever even bothered to show up! Its so annoying