A rock star's swagger may come from her music, but having the right hair sure helps. These 11 artists and their hairstyles have rocked our world.

The 11 Most Iconic Rock-Star Hairstyles

The Freckled Fox : Hair Tutorial// Amy Winehouse + Beehive Alternative (no teasing!)

The Freckled Fox: Hair Tutorial// Amy Winehouse + Beehive Alternative (no teasing!

I love that Gaultier is KILLING it recently. I need to find some kickass tutorials to bouffant my hair like this.

Anne Hathaway Hairstyle In Devil Wears Prada

Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring 2012 Amy Winehouse-inspired look. Who said big hair is out?

Retro 60′s Hair--like my aunts kept their hair in high school in the 60s

12 Glamorous Retro 60's Hairstyles for Women

The Amy Winehouse beehive hairstyle is inspired by the classic beehive hairdo. The beehive hairstyle is a classic characterized by big hair puff resembling a beehive.

Amy Winehouse hair how-to #halloween

Amy Winehouse-Inspired Beehive: The How To - Career