A young West German girl points to a large hole in the Berlin Wall,1989

How one in five Germans wish the Berlin Wall had never fallen

A young West German girl smiling at her father as she points to a large hole in the big hole in the Berlin walll Nov.

Infografik: 25 Jahre Mauerfall - Deutschland im Wandel

Infografik: 25 Jahre Mauerfall - Deutschland im Wandel

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Mauerfall - Das geteilte Land

Mauerfall - Das geteilte Land

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- Berlin Wall: A barrier constructed by the GDR hat completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin. Blocked inside from going out.

The Berlin Wall, separating East and West Germany, the Eastern Bloc from the Western Capitalist World is torn down in 1989--couldn't believe it!

42 Inspiring Pictures From The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

"Berliners celebrate on top of the wall as East Germans (backs to camera) flood through the dismantled Berlin Wall into West Berlin at Potsdamer Platz, in this November 1989 picture.

1989 - The Berlin Wall comes down....and my son was stationed in Germany with the army at the time.  He spoke fondly of the wild parties in celebration!

Bringing down the Berlin Wall, 1989 - 'I remember watching this on TV as it was happening. I was My mom told me, "Pay attention. You're watching history happen right now." I said the same thing to my son when Obama was elected President.

You Can’t Go to Berlin and Not See These 20 Must See Berlin Attractions

Here are 20 must see Berlin attractions that you shouldn& miss on your visit to Germany& capital.

Berlin Wall (Portland Harbour, Maine)

Berlin, Germany - I remember watching this fall in grade and realizing I was watching history unfold.

The Berlin Wall is mostly gone, but ghost markers on the ground mark old routes.

The Berlin Wall is mostly gone, but ghost markers on the ground mark where it once split the city between East Berlin (Russian sector) and West Berlin (American sector).

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Saatchi Art Artist Helge Windisch; Painting, “berliner himmel” #art

berliner himmel Painting by Helge Windisch

Obsessed with this guys work right now - Helge Windisch; Oil, Painting "berliner himmel" Go to Italy and have an amazing oil paint made for me of a beautiful landscape