Bessie Pease Gutmann - Peter and Jake Head Upstairs to Bed as Papa Says Nitey-nite

Bessie Pease Gutmann Fabric Block Toddler Boy Puppy Image printed onto Fabric

"Nighty Nite" by Bessie Pease Guttman I had an of this painting hanging on the wall going up the stairs-it's adorable!

Bessie Pease Gutmann - Clara and Dolly bring the day to a peaceful close as the little girl sings a good night song!!!


Bessie Pease Gutmann - Clara Jeremy and Dolly Bring the Day to a Peaceful Close as the Little Girl Sings a Good-Night Song Archival Fine Art Paper Print . We used to have this print hanging in our bedroom when i was a little girl!


"Clara's Best Friend Cindy Turns Four Years Old Today. Clara is so Excited About Going to the Birthday Party. Her Mama Tells Her Not to Worry They'll Get There in Time.", by American artist - Bessie Pease Gutmann

Bessie Pease Gutman had never met me, but I must have had a twin.

Gutmann, Bessie Pease - Bessie Pease Gutmann - Benjamin Scolds His Dog Danny for Knocking Over All the Blocks Painting