Chocolate Oreo Cake! I want this cake for my birthday i wish i could grab out of the screen and just eat it

Chocolate Oreo Cake

Tutoriel DIY: Faire un gâteau licorne & arc-en-ciel via

Tutoriel DIY: Faire un gâteau licorne & arc-en-ciel via

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I know that some people don’t like to bake all that often, but sometimes it’s quite fun to bake a cake from scratch (a really pretty and delicious cake!) for special occasions. Homemade birthday cakes make people feel special! Here are 20 BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE RECIPES to consider baking for that special someone. Lori Lange [...]

20 Best Birthday Cake Recipes

So, here it is, ladies and gents. The BEST cake recipe out there! And I'm not just saying that.  Pin It    White Almond Sour Cream Cake  {ca...

White Almond Sour Cream Cake: "best cake ever!" Same recipe as the "White Almond Wedding Cake", but doubled in size. A wonderful recipe!

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Decorated Cake Roll Tutorial How awesome is this! She does a step by step tutorial on how to make decorated cake rolls! I neeeed to try this!

Giant rainbow cupcake  - Our best birthday cake recipes for kids

Polka dot cake - Birthday cake recipes for kids

It might just look like an giant cupcake on the outside but this cake is sure to surprise! Cut into this jaw-dropping wonder to reveal it's brightly coloured rainbow layers - tasty and impressive all in one!Get the recipe: Giant rainbow cupcake

Birthday Cake from Momofuku Milk Bar - actual recipe is here:

4 Secret Tips for the Best Birthday Cake You'll Ever Bake

Momofuku Milk Bar’s Birthday Layer Cake Is this cake a project? But you can tackle it one component at a time and work well in advance of party day. Watch the video here.

How To Frost the Best Birthday Cake Ever | Studio DIY®

How To Frost the Best Birthday Cake Ever