McDonald's the beginning. I remember having 35 cents, 1 hamb. 1 fries, and a coke... amazing~

These 5 failed McDonald's menu items are nasty concoctions that were bad ideas. See 5 failed McDonald's menu items.

The original McDonald's menu

The original McDonald's menu. There just was no fast food. We would pack our own and take it with us. The first fast food was the A&W Rootbeer stand. Didn't eat at McDonald's till I was in High School.and then had to go to another town.

McDonald's in the 70's

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McDonalds: Wow - no Big Mac and the Fries even look different!  What's a McDouble?

1965 McDonalds prices We got burgers from the other place where burgers cost less. Drinks at home, and fries shared around.

Das passiert, wenn Du einen Big Mac isst

Das passiert in Deinem Körper, wenn Du einen Big Mac isst

A new infographic claims to show the effects one McDonald's Big Mac has on a person's body over one hour. The graphic, titled "What Happens One Hour After Eating a Big Mac," was posted online by Fast Food Menu Price.

graphic, from website Fast  Menu Price, breaks down exactly what the Big Mac does to your body within an hour of eating it. It’s not pretty: Among other things, the iconic burger raises your blood sugar, dehydrates you, and makes you feel hungry again just 40 minutes after eating it. Infographic: Fast Food Menu Price Here’s what you can expect: In the first 10 minutes: The Big Mac (and its 540 calories) raises your blood sugar to abnormal levels.

What Happens to Your Body One Hour After Eating a Big Mac


One Big Mac can't hurt, right? The iconic burger dehydrates you, raises your blood sugar, and makes you feel hungry just 40 minutes after eating it.