Billy Connolly - the Big Yin - funniest comedian of his generation, also a brilliant actor but at his finest performing stand-up comedy

Billy Connolly: Actor, Comedian, Musician and all round nutcase. My favourite comedian of all time. Once did a stint about parenting newborns and I almost peed myself it was so funny and so true!

Billy Connolly-Love the scottish accent and he's hilarious.  Crazy hair-especially after it turned white but he seems cool and he has those crinkly eyes.

Billy Connolly, comedian from the Anderston area of Glasgow. Aka The Big Yin.

Billy Connolly. Funny, sweet, a fun character with a fantastic, pleasant voice and accent.

Billy Connolly, favourite comedian, favourite person in the world!

Rachel Maclean has created a digital print of Billy Connolly in a specially-created outfit

Billy Connolly gets three Glasgow murals

The second of three murals in Glasgow honouring Billy Connolly.

21 Times Billy Connolly Was Absolutely Fucking Hilarious

21 Times Billy Connolly Was Absolutely Fucking Hilarious