Black and Red Weddings

Black and Red weddings: The combo of red and black contribute greatly to the look and feel of sophistication, style, elegance and let’s not forget passion!

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Black Red and Poe Wedding Ideas

black and red tablescape . decor.. I would like my wedding to look similar to this but in black and purple.

Atreyu's Brandon Saller's Rock 'n' Roll Wedding in Los Angeles

This is so beautiful and def has that gothic punk rock feel 2 hoping I can do sumthing like this for my centerpieces.but with purple and black of course lol

Groom Suit, honestly. I think I might want him to roll the sleeve up a bit!

Red tie & dark suit for Scar. This outfit looks cunning and clever, everything Scar embodies, with a hint of evil. You can't trust these dark colors in the shadows, and the red tie shows his lust for blood.