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10 Anti-Valentine's Day Cards That Are Perfect For Your Ex

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This fake bitch and her retarded family are nothing but drama.from fake illnesses to her family being egotistical and definitely beyond drama.bitch y'all need your heads examined.don't have to raise my son around y

About the truth!

I’m refreshed and ready to hate my job…

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"Be Good To Your Goblins!" ( vintage halloween / retro halloween / trick or treat / witch / bunny / butterfinger / baby ruth ) candy advertisement / ad / goblins


I love you but you are driving me bat fucking shit crazy. (Me and my kids.

blunt cards funny | here are some great cards from bluntcard com warning foul language

halloween does not equal an exuse to dress like a trampy version of some cartoon

Actually the number of ppl this applies to just got smaller for me lol

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blunt cards | Steve in a Speedo?! Gross!: Friday Funny 238: Blunt Cards

Have a laugh at these hilariously rude Christmas cards. Beware some offensive, foul language - very funny and very rude xmas cards - they were never meant fo.

Me to my squad with sick kids!

Job & Work quote & saying Why are you even HERE? Stay away from me you sick fuckers who should have stayed. The quote Description Why are you even HERE?