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I give her a ten. The only thing I would change is the eyebrows.

Many girls have left and new ones have arrived, but some will always remain ;)   FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:   Top Row: Boise (Erica Fustero), Kenny (K07doll)  Middle Row: Lenny (ToleTole), Karma (Vainilladolly), Bunny (RanRan), Sprocket middie (KDollsHeaven), Dahlia Rose (Sirenita Dolls)  Bottom Row: Mirinda (Hola Gominola), Sophia (Alice Blice), Marty (RisRas), Keenan (Mariuka Dolls), Rowan (Penguinbabymomo), and Cobain (La Chica Del Lunar)

kreepykewpie: “ My Blythe Family 2015 por voo_doolady

Blythe! and other dolls

Caro cute and naughty girl.🤗 FA in my Blythe Junkie etsy store.