26 Strikingly Unconventional Body Piercings To Try

50 unique and beautiful ear piercing ideas, from minimalist studs to extravagant jewels

This gal is wearing a beautifully healed inverse vertical labret piercing I did for her earlier this year. She took fabulous care of it and it shows!

Encyclopedia of Body Piercings: Industrial Barbell Cartilage Piercing

Location: through the small nub-like protrusion that covers the opening of the ear canal Jewelry: initially, a straight barbell or captive ring will be used ran

Beautiful ideas of wrist piercing

Brice Swarovski Crystal Clicker in Silver

Product Information - Product Type: Clicker - Gauge Size: 16 Gauge - Piercing Dimensions: - Clicker Segment Length: Swarovski Crystal Clicker Daith Rook Septum Silve