Happy Easter from Book of Mormon Central! Enjoy these interesting facts about Christ in the Book of Mormon as you celebrate the life of Christ. The Book of Mormon truly is another testament of Jesus Christ! Имена Иисуса Христа, упомянутые в Книге Мормона

Book of Mormon map. I love this map I followed it while I read the scriptures it was drawn about....and it has improved the quality of my study! I wish I had it when I had younger kids.

The Redheaded Hostess Book of Mormon Scripture study ideas. 3 Nephi, Alma map, 2 Nephi 4 Nephi, 2 Nephi Book of Mormon page titles

Printable Book of Mormon Timeline!

Four different printable versions of the timeline of events from the Book of Mormon - one just the right size to fit into the front of a Book of Mormon, 2 bookmarks, and a Word doc. Also links to summaries of the stories!

Family Reading of the Book of Mormon Activities. We need better ideas for family scripture study!

Goal helps - printable: book of mormon 90 days reading chart, could be reminders of any type

The Book of Mormon Is available for free download on LDS.org

The Book of Mormon Is available for free download on LDS.org

See for yourself that the Book of Mormon teaches of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost, renewing the reader’s mind and soul.