A Complete Chart of the book of Revelation

The Two Witnesses will come in the Spirit of Elijah the Prophet, during The Great Tribulation (The Time of Jacob's Trouble)

Jesus is given many names and titles in the book of Revelation.

Jesus is given many names and titles in the book of Revelation. I never understood this book.

Book of Enoch: REAL STORY of Fallen Angels, Devils & Man (NEPHILIM, ANCI... Worth watching - translates into regular English that you can understand...whoa!

Book of Enoch: Real Story of Fallen Angels, Devils & Man (Nephilim, Ancient Aliens + Noah's Flood) - Trey Smith -

Everything You Need To Know About Revelation | Articles | NewSpring Church

Everything You Need To Know About Revelation

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Take the fastest journey through the Bible you will ever experience! Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible will orient you with each of God's special books—Genesis through Revelation—whether you're a new reader or a veteran student.

Diagram of the Book of Revelation  Ew 12152013

Jehovah’s Witnesses—Official Website

Book of Daniel- my cheat sheet. thank you @Kelly McGaha for sharing this with me

Book of Daniel quick reference sheet. Bible prophecy is fascinating, especially with what is happening now in the world. It is all coming true.

Recently, NBC predicted that in 2017, we will all be tagged with microchip, implanted to help identify individuals immediately. According to the report, the technology is used to answer one question, “Am I who I say I am?”

Scientists at the Wyoming Institute of Technology (WIT) have determined that a shocking 1 in 3 Americans has been implanted with an RFID microchip.

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Have all your materials available. You’ll want of course your Bible, but also get a good Bible dictionary, concordance, a pen and paper. That way, you don’t have to stop every few minutes to reference something or write something down.