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I love breastfeeding. Such an amazing experience emotionally

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Breastfeeding quote. Inspiration #breastmilk #feeding

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breastfeeding, breast is not best, biological norm

Breast is not best but is in fact, the biological norm.My breasts are not best, but it is what my baby is looking for when he sucks his hand and moves his

... they dont call it mothers milk for nothing

I wouldn't trade those moments with my babies for anything. I was learning about love too.

12 Quotes That Totally Sum Up Breastfeeding

12 Quotes That Totally Sum Up Breastfeeding

These humorous quotes show when it comes to breastfeeding, baby’s needs triumph all.

How long I will breastfeed

I will Breastfeed for however long my child needs me to. Not your boobs, not your kid, not yous say.