concrete espresso machine by Shenkar College of Engineering and Design student Shmuel Linski.

Espresso Solo by Shmuel Linski

ESPRESSO SOLO - The concrete Lavazza coffe machine designed by Shmuel Linski. The conceptual product features metal working parts and a concrete case.

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics - Imgur

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics.almost tempted to add it to my wishlist but I have both legs.maybe i can wear one over my legs?

Concrete Cube Planter | Home Decor | MDC Interiors | Scoutmob Shoppe | Product Detail

Concrete Cube Planter by MDC Interiors on Scoutmob Shoppe // Love the contrast of concrete and wood.

We love this skull coffee grinder!

Coffee Anyone? For some, there's nothing like drinking a fresh cup of coffee to wake up in the morning. Although I wish this skull-shaped coffee grinder was real, it's actually an awesome photo manipulation created by digital artist AZRainman.

Community wall photos – 1,169 photos | VK

Wooden kitchen tools are great. Olive wood is wonderful but hard to find. Choose a hard wood and treat it well. (Do not soak or wash in a dishwasher.) love the bread bowl

La Pavoni Professional espresso cappuccino lever machines - Gold, rosewood handgrips $1,160.00

I am sure you have not gotten over the gold-plated coffee center, but this gorgeous piece of gold and rosewood is worth an ear too! The Italian made La Pavoni Professional gold espresso cappuccino lever machine is a conventional looking machine, created.

Светильники из бетона

Durable outdoor pendant lamps from Rainer Mutsch. Crafted from hand-molded fiber-cement shells, they hang from the same rope used for sailboats. They have pure style that can, of course, go indoors too

'Parametric Form' by Russian architect and designer Oleg Soroko.

Parametric Bench – Interior Design by Oleg Soroko More about the parametric bench design concept on WE AND THE COLOR. Design, Interior Design and Product Design inspiration on WE AND THE.

concrete speakers

The 'Exposed' speakers are made of concrete, and utilize horn loudspeaker technology (Photo: Shmuel Linski)

Concrete is such a versatile products - check out this great Iphone cover!

Sheath your phone in concrete

This concrete iPhone 5 skin was created by POSH-PROJECTS and made to resemble the surface of the moon. The unique iPhone skin doesn't just look cool, it ads an extra layer of protection to your smart phone.

Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine - White

Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine - White

Rocket Appartamento White Espresso Machine The Appartamento is a compact espresso machine designed for an environment where space is at a premium. Rocket has


Leica IIIG (ca + Summarex (ca. with optional viewfinder and lens hood. Not something I would buy, but it is one beautiful camera, like most Leicas are.

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Space saving furniture for teenage bedroom design. Modern teenage bedroom furniture, new design ideas for small rooms.