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Poster commisioned by Fundacja Bęc Zmiana regarding present/future architectural problems and theories. Over 100 drawings of contemporary, futuristic, modern and casual, unfinished buildings, construction machines and cranes formed a typology of today’s c

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Tracery is the ornamental intersecting work in the upper part of a window, screen, or panel, or used decoratively in blank arches and vaults. The earliest use of the term is traced to the seventeen.

"In Defense of Brutalism"

"In Defense of Brutalism" is a heroic view of the handsome Contemporaine building, drawn by Chicago artist Kevin Frank. The print was painst.

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Ian Murphy Venice window drawing

Ian Murphy Venice window drawing Sometimes focuses around one part of a building where more detail can be incorporated


What if, instead of a mud hut, we have a brown stone building like a true brooklynite would have?

Saint Pauls Cathedral.

Architectural Drawings Behind Empty Building Silhouettes

Artist Minty Sainsbury draws meticulously and monochromatic famous architectural works hidden by empty building silhouettes. This technique gives.

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Overlapping Art, with Architecture

Overlapping Art, with Architecture