“A puppy?” I shrieked, reaching into the box. I lifted the dark, wiry-haired baby to my face, and it covered my mouth in warm, wet kisses. Travis beamed, triumphant. “You like him?” “Him? I love him! You got me a puppy!” “It’s a Cairn Terrier. I had to drive three hours to pick him up Thursday after class.”

Cairn Terrier

Cairn terriers are a very wash and wear kind of dog with little maintenance. They have a wirey, harsh feeling coat that is weather resistant. It is a double coat with the outer layer being the harsh feeling layer. The undercoat is softer and denser and

Nothing cuter than Scottie puppies, especially when they are sleeping! I want them all!

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. I was contemplating the meaning of life when all of a sudden the day got away from me. To make up for it, HERE'S A PUPPY PICTURE! Meet Freddie, Tucker, Betsy and.

The Cairn Lady and her Dogs

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Cairn Terrier - what a sweet face!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Cairn Terrier Puppy playing amongst the Autumn leaves

Pet health tip: Pets infested with fleas not only scratch up a storm (particularly those sensitive to flea saliva), but they can develop secondary skin infections in response to just one bite.