SOCIO-CULTURAL Andy Warhol sought the precision of mechanical reproduction when painting the Campbell Soup cans. He wanted a subject that everyone recognized. Warhol painted this in 1962 and was intrigued by the numbness that builds up as a result of constant exposure, which is a statement on the cultural changes towards tin cans since its invention.

Artist summary-This piece of art was produced by Andy Warhol in It consists of four rows of 8 campbell's tomato soup cans. It was printed on to canvas and now sits in the museum of modern art, New York. I like this painting because of its simplicity.

Colored Campbell's Soup Can, 1965 (pink & red) Posters by Andy Warhol at

Colored Campbell's Soup Can, 1965 (pink & red)

Campbell's Soup Can, 1965 (Pink and Red) Wood Mount Mounted Print - 21 x 31 cm

Andy Warhol Coloring Sheets | andy-warhol-latas-1.jpg

5 formas de acercar la obra de Andy Warhol a los niños.

A extremely rare sketch of the 1962 famous Campbell's Soup Cans. An extremely rare sketch by Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol is most famous for his pop art pieces and he is by far the most famous artist of this particular movement.

Andy Warhol interview on Campbell's Soup Cans

Andy Warhol interview on Campbell's Soup Cans. Artist Andy Warhol discusses his work of art involving Cambell's Soup cans.