You don't have to go to the town's fair to enjoy these delicious carnival party food ideas. We have recipes for all the dishes you love at the local fair!

Carnival Party Food Ideas (Collection

Carnival Party Food Ideas - delicious carnival recipes like funnel cakes, homemade onion rings, churros and more!

These fruit kabobs are a gorgeous summer dessert. For a more sophisticated adult version, drizzle with a reduction of #Benissimo Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar.

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7 Ways To Eat Rainbows! You can have your rainbow and eat it! Here are seven amazing ways to combine two of the most fantastic things in the world - food, and rainbows! [[MORE]]

Carnival Finger Foods! Best of both worlds?

Carnival Birthday Party: The Food

Best of both worlds? The pigs in a blanket can still work for the red carpet theme. have to keep in mind that it will be middle school kids eating this.

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