Ceramic Seal by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

Hand modelled ceramic seal fired twice to If you like my work maybe you’d like to visit my website gallery [link] My ceramic animals are o.

Sleeping rabbit, sweet sculpture. Size 7cm(2.7inch) wide,6cm (2.3inch)high,12cm (4.7inch)deep,around 200g.  Inside is hollow. White stoneware casted

PRE-ORDER Ceramics and Pottery sculpture / Slepping rabbit / ceramic animal sculpture (white)

Ceramic Animal Wall Vases - Quirky Bits - Home Decoration - Home Accessories

POSS OPENER PIC ceramic animal wall vases Graham and Green (this is low res - high res is available if needed)

Candy Coloured Chickens by Hippopottermiss on deviantART

Three hand-modelled hens in stoneware clay, decorated with coloured slips and fired to Candy Coloured Chickens



I Make These Magical Ceramic Animals

I Make These Magical Ceramic Animals

Stelter Sculpture - Animals

Contemporary Fine Art Gallery just outside of Madison, WI Representing over 100 artists, Abel Contemporary seeks to bring Wisconsin into the national artistic conversation.

Ceramic dragon oil lamp by HomeyCreatures on Etsy

oil lamp - This endearing oil lamp would make for an excellent decoration for outdoor events and parties. The oil lamp is made and sold by the Hungary-based.

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Handmade ceramic wares and jewelry. Handmade and unique creations, ranging from decorative to functional items.