This a bit different than the Every Other Day Diet (every other day near-fasting) that I'm doing, but shows some of the known benefits.


Intermittent Fasting Infographic This infographic on intermittent fasting discusses the benefits of a scheduled eating plan and provides helpful fasting tips.

FAT AND CARBOHYDRATE: CLARIFICATIONS AND DETAILS  --  In the end, I believe the best diet is the one that keeps you relatively lean and healthy.  That diet might differ based on your background, current lifestyle, genetic makeup, and goals.

Whole Health Source - Activator X - the key to health, longevity, bones and teeth and blood ph

clace - Szukaj w Google

No one can be hotter than Jace. I mean the movie Jace, yeah sure everyone can. But the book Jace.

Gyrfalcon -- The largest falcon in the world, the Gyrfalcon breeds in arctic and subarctic regions of the northern hemisphere. It preys mostly on large birds, pursuing them in breathtakingly fast and powerful flight.

A magnificent Gyrfalcon! The Gyrfalcon breeds on Arctic coasts and the islands of North America, Europe, and Asia.

It's back! 2.9million viewers tune in to Channel 5's Dallas reboot after 21…

It's back! 2.9million viewers tune in to Channel 5's Dallas reboot after 21 years off the air

Fong Qi Wei shoots a stationary subject for multiple-hour periods and later digitally slices them to create a collage

What We Love This Week, Volume XXV

"Changi Beach Sunset, by Fong Qi Wei Check out more great photo montages in a series called “Time Is a Dimension” by the Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei.

In their series Afro Art, CreativeSoul Photo captures striking portraits of girls who are rocking their natural hair.

Baroque-Inspired Portraits Celebrate the Beauty of Black Girls’ Natural Hair

Atlanta-based CreativeSoul Photo brought an inspiring artistic vision to life that highlights the beauty of black girls and their natural hair. Regis and Kahran are the husband and wife duo behind the photography studio, and their series Afro Art represen

LOVE this show - Abby is my favorite TV character EVER!


Make your pc screen background looks great with NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service wallpaper. HD wide screen wallpaper image for computer desktop, view the list of pictures inside the gallery

THINGS THAT YOU'RE LIABLE TO READ IN THE CONselfSERVATIVE bible,THEY AIN'T NECESSARY SO! O:-) :-* :-$  A minority of American voters believe the polls will be accurately tallied in the 2016 election. But fraud or tampering with the voting process — even via hacking — is highly unusual and unlikely.

'Rigged' Election Myths Contradict Voter Fraud's Low Threat To Sway Outcome

How An 1871 Disaster Helped To End America's Whaling Dynasty

About 15.6 days!!!!!

How long would it take to watch all Doctor Who episodes? (Doctor Who Official on Tumblr)

How long would it take to watch all the episodes of doctor who? This officially proves our fandom has too much time on it's hands. 15 days 12 hours 43 minutes 54 seconds not including fangirling time.

ICYMI: New #walkingfootball session added to calendar - Burntwood Leisure Centre

ICYMI: New #walkingfootball session added to calendar - Burntwood Leisure Centre