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So I lost a football bet to my mistress. Tomorrow i have to pay off by having my hair done in cheer curls similar to these with an bow the color of the team that won.

Braids are the to-go hairstyle for any occasion. Casual day-to-day school or work calls for a comfortable hairstyle that enables you to do anything at ease and there are braided hairstyles that will keep you cool and confident to do those activities on a

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Cheer hair- I wanna modify this to make a Jersey bump for a costume or something!

Hey I'm peyton mabry and I'm 16 years old!! I've been cheering my whole life!! Introduce?

Hey I'm peyton mabry! I've been cheering my whole life! I Cheer for Cheer Athletes!

Really cool but not sure what this looks like from the front!

26 Pretty Braided Hairstyle for Summer

cheer hair for the cheer season! half up half down with braid and bump teased hair

The great thing about cheer styles is that they're pretty, but have to be functional. When the bf's hair gets longer, I'm going to do things like this with it. Maybe I'll let him wear a smaller bow ;