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of the Modern World - a reminder that the civilizations of China and the times of Lao Tzu and Confucius reached great heights of wisdom and illumination well before there was a stirring of culture in the west.

Walk the Great Wall of China. My sisters done this she said it was amazing. (She stole a stone from the wall. That's an added part of my bucketlist)

Walk the Great Wall of China

Walk the Great Wall of China. However, leave the stones intact. Many missing stones, suddenly, no wall.

The Great Wall is one of the busiest attractions anywhere – here's how to see it crowd-free via Beijing!

How to See the Great Wall of China Crowd-Free From Beijing

The Great Wall is one of China& busiest attractions, drawing hoards of tourists year-round. Remarkably, it& fairly easy to see it crowd-free.

The cool part about China is that it’s a huge country, yes, but it’s also pretty easy to get from one place to another, so it isn’t ever too overwhelming in that way. And, on top of that, the transit itself is especially cheap — taxis start at around $1.

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Guilin, China - Discover the 12 Amazing Asian Cities you should visit before you die on

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10 Unique Coffee Shops In Asia / Alberto Caiola designed Fumi Coffee, a cafe in Shanghai, China, designed to draw people into it by grabbing their attention with a sculptural ceiling that flows from the outside all the way to the back of the cafe and was inspired by the aromatic vapors of coffee.

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I've never been to China before, but I'd love to go! Has anyone ever visited?

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Great Wall, China

The Great Wall of China was constructed for border controls, allowing the imposition of duties on goods transported along the Silk Road,.

Sommerrodeln im #Kaiserwinkl in Tirol; Austria  ~ Summer sledding - looks like great fun!

Sommerrodeln im Kaiserwinkl in Tirol; Austria ~ Summer sledding - Larry loved this and it was great fun!

Visiting China for the first time? Check out these 34 tips on all things related to travel in China!

34 Essential Things to Know Before You Visit China

Planning a trip to China? Visiting China involves a lot more forward planning to ensure you are prepared for certain difficulties. Here are 34 things you need to know before you visit China