Cutaways of 10 styles of Chinese buildings.

See the Unique Anatomy of These 10 Classical Chinese Buildings

Click to see the actual CH11 - Peacock Panel stencil design.

Chinese Style stencils from The Stencil Library. Buy from our range of Chinese Style stencils online. Page 5 of our Chinese Style panel stencil catalogue.

1930's Chinese Art Deco

onedropmove: 1930’s Chinese Art Deco (the poetry of material things)

Men's Fashion in Chinese style Cotton Linen Kungfu Martial Clothing

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Tai Cheong Bakery Redesign by Point Blank. 泰昌饼家 #chinese #typography #identity

Redesigning Hong Kong's Tai Cheong Bakery

I love the idea of incorporating understated Chinese elements like circles and ornate furniture

Neo chinese style interior design collection iii